About me

With 17 years of experience in customer service operations and business process management within the Telecom sector, complemented by academic qualifications of B.Com and MBA, I bring a wealth of expertise. As a personal finance enthusiast and personal finance professional, I pursued certifications in Mutual Funds and Insurance in India, driven by passion.

Since 2019, I operate as a consultant in certified financial matters pertaining to financial goal planning, investment planning and portfolio management, along with risk management through insurance.

Over the past 12 years, I have actively enhanced my knowledge in personal finance through diverse mediums, attending numerous webinars and certifications to stay abreast of developments in investment and risk management.


All the content has been created based on my own learning and experience in finance and investment world. Content has been created for educational purposes only, not as the direct advice to anyone. Do consult with your financial advisor for your financial decisions.